Your hair can last a MINIMUM of 3 month with proper care.

Before Installation:

1. Wash the hair with a mild shampoo, such as Pantene or Tresemme.

2. Condition the hair with a conditioner that has a matching brand shampoo.

3. Allow hair to air dry or you may place it in a hooded dryer at a cool- low heat temperature.

During Installation

1. You do not have to seal the wefts because our hair has a double stitch weft, but sealing can be is optional. 

2. Do not cut the weft when sewing the hair in. The hair can be used for multiple installations. 

Daily Maintenance

1. Use a light weight oil such as Cream of Nature Moroccan/ Argon Oil for shine when needed.

2. Wash hair at least every two weeks

3. Use a wig brush whenever combing through the hair.

4. Re-Install the hair every 4-6 weeks.